Juiced DuoMax Slot Overview

Yggdrasil Gaming partner Bulletproof Games’ online slot is named after the newest anabolic steroid. Juiced DuoMax uses the rare DuoMax doohickie to go wild at a seaside pub. DuoMax has been on TV before—that honor goes to Florageddon! DuoMax is a distinct mood and theme slot. Juiced DuoMax is a more laid-back coastal game, so pack swimmers and sunscreen.

If your notion of a beach day is lounging in a local bar’s shade, then no. Bulletproof Games conveniently mixes beach and bar, spinning its 5-reel gaming screen next to a Happy Hour sign and a drink glass among palm palms and waves. Casino game creators enjoy palm palms, and the ukulele-led soundtrack tune adds calm. It may take time to like Juiced DuoMax. Its low-energy aura may help you relax or be boring. It was usually the latter.

Players may start with a 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin investment. Whether wagering on individual spins or buying free spins, Juiced DuoMax’s highly volatile math model and low-key environment yield a 96% default theoretical return to player value. It has 5 reels, 3 rows of symbols, and 20 paylines that pay left to right and right to left. Winning combos had 3 to 5 matching symbols and hit 22.22%.

When assessed, winning symbols leave the game board, leaving reel spaces. The symbols falling into these areas provide fresh winning opportunities. Cascades cease when no win appears. Fruit symbols dominate Juiced DuoMax’s pay table, with 5 low and 5 high rewards. Coconuts are ‘drupes’, which are fruits with meat inside a hard shell. I appreciate the internet. Hitting 5 matching low pays pays 5 to 6 times the stake, whereas the same outcome with high pays pays 8 to 50 times. Wilds substitute for standard pay symbols when they appear.

Juiced DuoMax: Slot Features

Juiced DuoMax offers cascades and Happy Hour free spins on two reel setups.

Happy Hour

In addition to the cascade mechanic, pops raise the Happy Hour metre adjacent to the reels by one. The extra round starts when the Happy Hour meter hits 35. The round now starts with 5 free spins on two reel sets instead of one. Each reel has two multipliers from four sets. The multiplier on the left of a reel applies to left-to-right winnings, while the value to the right pertains to right-to-left wins. Left and right multipliers are added for both-way victories. Multiples rise with each win. Left-to-right wins increase the left reel multiplier, right-to-left wins increase the right multiplier, and both-way wins grow both multipliers (2 multipliers per reel set). It takes until the round ends to reset multipliers from x1.

Buy Bonuses

Players may buy free spins with four options under Buy A Bonus. You can earn 5 free spins for 50x the stake, 7 for 100x, 10 for 200x, or 5 for 80x randomly.

Juiced DuoMax Slot Review

Juiced DuoMax may not be a breakout slot like DoubleMax, which has garnered more attention. Juiced DuoMax is lacking in intrigue and polish compared to Florageddon! The base game never shows DuoMax in action, so it spends a lot of time lurking in the background like a scared suitor trying to get up the nerve to talk to their crush. Compared to Florageddon! Or the DoubleMax mechanism, which multiplies wins and adds a wild symbol during cascades. The feature is prominent in DoubleMax games (including Florageddon!) and works its magic.

Jump to Juiced DuoMax’s bonus round to see the system in action. The odd thing is that adding a game grid also dilutes. If the victory pays any way, the four multipliers are fed instead of one grid. It’s different and can still hit 5,899x the stake, and the party themes are funny, but it lacked DoubleMax’s incredible multiplier ride.

Super Fruit Smash or Tropicool 2 are beach-based slots that might suit your taste if you like a wild party like an inebriated circus troop on a night off. Juiced DuoMax may be right for a low-key, predictable, slow-paced afternoon with work friends you haven’t bonded with yet.