for Sketch
Create beautiful high-speed videos of your work in Sketch and show off your progress.
Track your design work over time in a digestable format.
Create a daily log of your work and store it forever.
Show off your progress to your boss, team or dribbble followers.
Gain a following on YouTube by showing others how you work.
Just click Record and forget about it. We'll take care of the rest.
Automatically pauses and resumes recording based on activity. Identical frames are dropped.
Only records Sketch and only the relevant Sketch window. Everything takes place locally and not on a cloud.
Includes optimizations to prevent slowing down Sketch.
What is Timelapse for Sketch?
Timelapse is a plugin for Sketch. It allows you to create time-lapse videos with a single click. Just click "Record" and work as usual. At the end of the day the time-lapse video would be ready.
What is a time-lapse video?
A time-lapse video is a video that shows a long process in high-speed. It's great for Sketch, since it can show your work progess over time in a short video. For example, recording one hour of work will result in a 30 seconds video.
How does it work?
The plugin works by taking a screenshot of your Sketch window every 6 seconds. At the end of the session, the plugin compiles all the screenshots into a single .MOV video file.
What is a session?
A session starts when you click "Record" and ends when you click "Stop" or automatically after a few hours, based on your settings. This way you can create a time-lapse of each work day.
What is the difference between the free version and the paid version?
The free version allows to record up to 1 hour per session and has a watermark. The paid version ($12) allows up to 12 hours per session and has no watermark.
What if leave my Sketch open when I go get coffee?
The plugin takes care of this by only taking screenshots when Sketch is the active window, and only when things on the screen are actually changing.
What are the license terms?
Purchasing a license gives you a lifetime usage of the plugin, including 1 year of free updates. There will be no watermark on the time-lapse video and you can record up to 12 hours per session.
How long is the resulting time-lapse video?
For a 1 hour session the duration of the video is 36 seconds. For a 12 hours session, the duration is 7 minutes.